Founder Keynote

Looking for an interactive and dynamic speaker for your national or regional conferences and summits?

Look no further! kid-grit Founders Julia and Jeffrey provide customized general sessions based on their authentic pasts growing up on the streets of NYC, both surviving households with parents navigating addiction. Each of their heartwarming stories are filled with qualities of resilience and perseverance. They transition their stories into how their real lives impact their current work in the social emotional learning space. They will share ideas for education leaders on how their holistic approach can shift and promote cultural change in any education community. Julia and Jeffrey interweave relevant activities for schools and out of school time programs that audience members can use the very next day. Refreshing, honest and interactive! Contact us for questions and pricing.

Student-Author Keynote

Real Stories of Success from the Gritty Young Authors of kid-grit: THE BOOK

Bring the young kid-grit authors to your conference or school assembly. Our young speakers provide a vibrant and inspiring discussion about facing challenges and how they overcame them when they were in middle, high school and college.

In 2016, Julia Gabor and Jeffrey Jordan traveled across the country in search of young people who persevered against overwhelming obstacles. Their goal was to capture the youth voice in an effort to understand how young people overcome and navigate through the school system when they are experiencing “school days” that include violence, depression, poverty, trauma, and “coming out of the closet” to their family and friends. In the Spring of 2018, the voice of these young people and their true-life stories were captured and published in kid-grit: THE BOOK, 25 authentic soul-searching stories from students across the nation

This dynamic general session will feature a candid conversation with the young authors from kid-grit: THE BOOK. Now extended from their high school days by just a few years, these young people will reflect and share what helped them get through and gave them the “Grit” to persevere.

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