kid-grit Calendar

Indiana Afterschool Network’s Trailblazer Webinar Series: Youth Behavior

Impactful Facilitator Tips – 6 Simple Strategies for Classroom Management

January 31 (Virtual)

Utah Afterschool Network’s RECHARGE

Keynote & Breakout Sessions

February 10 in Cedar City, Utah

February 24 in Salt Lake City, Utah

kid-grit’s Free Virtual Series

Holistic Wellness for Educators: The Path to Self-Care

February 13 (Virtual)

Foundation’s Beyond School Hours Conference

Exhibit Hall, Wellness Lounge, Laugh Lab & Early Bird and Breakout Sessions

February 14-17 in New Orleans, Louisiana

HCDE CASE for Kids Live Webinar Series

Emotional IQ & Social Emotional Learning

February 15 (Virtual)

Arizona CASE Spring Leadership Series

Emotional IQ & Adult Wellness for Leaders

February 20 (Virtual)

California Afterschool Network’s Site Coordinator Symposium

Exhibit & Breakout Sessions

February 23-24 in Fresno, California

kid-grit’s Free Virtual Series, Supporting Others with Spontaneity

March 11 at 8:00 AM PDT (Virtual)


National Afterschool Association Convention

March 17-20 in Dallas, Texas

New York Youth Success 

April 17-18 in Albany, New York

kid-grit’s Free Virtual Series, Mindful Conflict Resolution Solutions

April 11 at 9 AM PDT (Virtual)

School Climate Conference