kid-grit Calendar

School Climate Conference

April 23: kid-grit Pre-Conference Half Day Training (Register to Attend In Person)

April 24-26: Exhibitor and Breakout Sessions

Temecula, California

NJSACC’s Annual Conference on Afterschool & OST

April 26-27: Exhibitor & Breakout Sessions

Princeton, New Jersey

kid-grit Live Expo: Sizzling Summer Program

April 30: Register to Attend Virtually

Los Angeles County Office of Education: SEL & Equity Conference

May 16: Breakout Session

Los Angeles, California

kid-grit Live Expo: Self-Discovery Creative Writing Guide

May 22: Register to Attend Virtually

OSTI-Con 2024

May 29-30: Wellness Lounge, Exhibitor, and Pop Up Sessions

San Antonio, Texas

Minnesota National Guard: Teen Keynote

June 13

Saint Paul, Minnesota

kid-grit Live Expo: The Ultimate Self-Awareness Journal

June 11: Register to Attend Virtually

kid-grit Free Virtual Series: The Key to Family Wellness

June 18: Register to Attend Virtually

kid-grit Free Virtual Series: Planting the Seed for a Growth Mindset

July 16: Register to Attend Virtually

SEL4CA MTSS Conference

July 16-18: Breakout Session

Anaheim, California

kid-grit Free Virtual Series: What Do You Ride For?

August 6: Register to Attend Virtually

School Climate Conference
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