Family & Guardian Engagement Sessions

Four 60-minute sessions for parents and guardians focused on coping, managing and kindness.

Join us for a series of wellness workshops for adult/family and guardian selfcare strategies.

These packages are built by design, if you want something created, we can do it!

Holistic Wellness & Social-Emotional Learning

In this welcome session, participants examine their own self-awareness and life balance to assess how they are managing their days during this most unpredictable time in history. Participants will be prompted to develop healthy activities and accountability strategies— Mindfulness, Body Awareness, Connection, and Digital and Social Media Balance in order to build new habits that promote learning, a family connection, a sense of community.

Building Better Habits

Participants will be prompted to develop healthy habits and explore what not to do in order to stay healthy, build stronger relationships, and accept self-care strategies. Join us for some hard-core ideas on breaking habits.

Breathing, Tapping, Walking

In this interactive powerhouse session, participants will learn 3+ physical, easy to implement self-care and mindfulness strategies they can do anytime, anywhere and any how!


Research is coming out with some strong evidence that people who practice gratitude as a regular practice live longer and healthier lives. In this session, we will share ways to practice gratitude each and every day in order to build calm and happiness into their days and nights.

Raise Them Up for Families, Parents and Guardians

In this workshop, we will engage families/parents/guardians in addressing self-regulation in areas of mindfulness, healthy behaviors, tolerance and empathy, and digital/social consciousness. This workshop provides a BRAND-NEW approach to helping families develop self-care skills, motivation, positive behavior and resilience. We will provide suggestions for families and parents to do activities in the home as soon as tomorrow!
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