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Dr. John’s Neighborhood

Dr. John interviews Ms. Julia Gabor, who has created a holistic curriculum to help kids in grades 6-12 be successful in school and life. Listen now.

Empower Youth Leadership To Solve School Violence

This week we are talking about keeping our schools safe with peer leadership. Julia Gabor brings us an excellent program that helps recognize teens that are at risk for violence and brings them into the mainstream with peer to peer workshops and more. Julia’s unique program may be that answer to help reduce school violence. Listen now.

Dr. Lamarr Darnell Shields: Sound Balming with Jeffrey Jordan – Overcoming Adversity with Reality

Someone once said, “Every great loss demands that we choose life again.” This quote sums up the life of Jeff Jordan, social entrepreneur and health and wellness advocate. Despite being raised by a single mom, who was addicted to drugs, and a father who was absent from his life, Jeff has been able to bounce back and build several successful businesses focusing on holistic youth development, mentoring and kinetic life coaching. He shares some of those strategies with me in the BalmShelter. Listen now.

Dr. Lamarr Darnell Shields: Sound Balming with Julia Gabor – Live from the National Youth At-Risk Conference in Savannah, Ga.

Julia Gabor, Mindful Founder of Kid-Grit, opens up about her personal life, and how her upbringing prepared her to serve some of the most challenging kids.  Kid-Grit is committed to a holistic developmental approach promoting the nourishment of a child’s intellect, emotion and intuition, along with the conditioning of his/her body through delicious nutrient-dense food, movement, breathing and other self-regulation tools. In this way, we can holistically impact the whole child. Listen now.

Voice for Possibility: Creating Possibility During The Era of Covid-19

Julia Gabor is an award-winning educator and co-founder of kid-grit. kid-grit is a curriculum with a new, holistic approach to youth development that encompasses mindfulness, social and emotional learning, character education, digital, and social media awareness and she finishes off with a project in service-learning. Julia has spent the last 17 years working with esteemed organizations such as the LA-All Stars, the Tiger Woods Foundation, and WRiTE BRAiN BOOKS. Today she’s changing the way people teach and how students can learn during the pandemic. Julia brings inspiring stories of thriving during challenging times to this episode of The Voice For Possibility. Listen now.

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