Our Ambassadors

We believe that our programs and services are extremely special but what really makes a company unique and effective are its people.

Our Ambassadors show a desire, passion, and interest in this exciting movement called social-emotional learning and mindfulness in schools and in the expanded learning community.

  • Our Ambassadors understand that young people really need an effective platform to express and discover themselves and find their voice.
  • Our Ambassadors believe that mindfulness is a necessary and effective tool for young people to learn how to self-regulate and self-manage.
  • Our Ambassadors want to see young people create thriving relationships and contribute to their communities.
  • Our Ambassadors understand that digital and social media awareness is a necessary part of a young person’s development in today’s world.
  • Our Ambassadors are searching for something new and want to be involved in an innovative culture.
  • Our Ambassadors are educators, artists, or yogis who care about kids and believe in the simple kid-grit mission and vision…

The kid-grit collective is passionate about equipping educators and students with the tools needed for success. Our innovative, mindful approach builds confidence & character, resilience & social-emotional learning, self-care & wellness.

We are committed to this equitable approach to social-emotional learning for both your students and staff. As a result, when educators facilitate the kid-grit curriculum in classrooms or programs, there will be no disconnect.

We provide educators with supplementary income to help sustain the beautiful work they do in the field.

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