The kid-grit collective is passionate about equipping educators and students with the tools needed for success.

Our innovative, mindful approach builds confidence & character, resilience & social-emotional learning, self-care & wellness.

The kid-grit curriculum is the perfect combination of social-emotional learning, mindfulness, character educationand youth development. We offer a 25-hour, inquiry-based, Pre-K-12 program, focusing on mind, body, community/connection, digital and social media awareness, and 21st-century skills.

Concurrently, we support educators and program staff with robust professional development workshop trainings based on the same foundational modules of mind, body, community/connection, and digital consciousness & balance.

We are committed to this equitable approach to social-emotional learning for both your students and staff. As a result, when educators facilitate the kid-grit curriculum in classrooms or programs, there will be no disconnect.

Please explore several of our Workshop and Coaching offerings below and page through our Online Brochure for additional products and services.

Ask us about kid-grit: 

  • SEL Curriculum: Pre-K through 12th Grade: The kid-grit curriculum lessons are standard aligned with The Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) and Center for Disease Controls’ (CDC)research-based framework, assuring that students are receiving quality and evidence-based strategies equipping them for success in school and in life.
  • THE BOOK: 25 soul-searching stories from students across the nation.
  • Student Workshops and Assemblies
  • Leadership Retreats
  • Educator and Family Pandemic Guides
  • Dynamic Virtual Facilitator Tips Workshop Series
  • Adult SEL & Staff Wellness Workshop Series
  • On-going Coaching for Educators and Program Staff.
  • And more…
The kid-grit COACHING PROGRAM for Educators/Program Staff

Coaching is not about teaching, it is about creating an environment where people learn for themselves by connecting with their natural curiosity.

The kid-grit Coaching Program includes a review of intervention practices, goals, workshopping & sharing best practices, problem-solving, reflections, and next steps. We offer extraordinary immersive experiences committed to a Mind | Body | Connection | Digital Consciousness approach to human development.


In March of 2020 when the Pandemic forever changed the way education was delivered across the Nation, kid-grit pivoted quickly in an effort to support educators with the technical tools necessary to be effective facilitators in our new reality. We now support educators and program staff in becoming skilled virtual presenters and DFT- Cycle 1 delivers with assistance in the following areas: agenda preparation, email communication before the call, room set up and background preparation, physical presence, energy and appearance, how to do activities in whole groups and in breakout groups, how to use the chatbox, and preparing for a strong reflection question.

Looking ahead to 2021, we know we will still be in remote learning environments, fear not! We have a solution! Now that your staff has completed the kid-grit Dynamic Facilitation Tips Part l, you are ready for the second-deep dive into Part ll. In this session we offer a hands-on approach to using education apps in combination with community building activities. Participants will not only find ease and flow with technology, but they will learn to engage students with social and emotional, collaborative and creative ice breakers and games.


We are pleased to present our kid-grit Adult Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) & Wellness program for Students, Educators, & Families. Intentionally, kid-grit was designed to offer the best in youth development, social-emotional learning, educator professional development, and holistic wellness. This foundational blend is at the core of everything kid-grit offers to the world.

This interactive, virtual workshop series focuses on a holistic approach to self-care so educators can maintain their own wellness and self-management as they venture into teaching each semester no matter what circumstances or current events are occurring. This workshop series provides activities for participants that are centered on wellness-education and mindful methods to support participants while they are physically separated from any physical location such as school or work. The team building activities presented in this workshop require participants to connect with each other outside the sessions to maintain engagement, communicate with one another, and build skills throughout the weeks/months while they are away from their physical locations. They will be encouraged to use/learn: Zoom, Skype, Facetime, Google Hangouts, social media, texting, and old-fashioned phone calls in order to connect and create a supportive community.

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