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leader-grit, Emotional IQ & Social-Emotional Learning

Are your team members feeling the love? Do you feel your team is disconnected at times? Wish you knew how to share the love with them? Often leaders don’t pay enough attention to how their staff are feeling or should be feeling. They underestimate how central emotions are needed to build the right workplace culture. In this session, we will show a clear connection between emotional intelligence and social-emotional learning. Participants will walk away with five loving strategies that will shift the climate of your school/workplace or program. These strategies will help you and your teams “feel the love” and build the emotional intelligence of staff in order to create a more productive, positive and work environment.

Why Do I Do What I Do?

Based on Simon Sinek’s famous Ted Talk “Start With Why” this session helps all level of staff examine why you work in the youth space. We will reflect, share ideas and tips on how to find your spark or reignite it so that you begin to share, give and build a community where we are inspired, feel great at work, and end our days with fulfillment and purpose.

The “Superteam Meeting”: 3+ Ways to Mindfulness and Staff Support

In order for staff to feel supported, we need to spend time ensuring they are feeling safe and seen. When this happens, they carry it over to their peers and stakeholders. In the session, we will walk through simple ways to approach mindfulness in staff meetings that don’t intimidate staff. We will share methods that support you as a leader to build confidence in delivering a mindful practice, and how to incorporate it into your staff meetings in a nonthreatening way. No fluff here.

Mindful Conflict Resolution Solutions

Disgruntled, disengaged and disconnected staff have your head spinning? Searching for mindful and safe communication strategies to utilize when having hard conversations with staff? Then, this session is for you! Join us and explore non-threatening and inclusive, simple to implement communication strategies. These activities support your work as a leader in order to build a perfectly productive team and a positive work culture. Leave with new ideas for building a collaborative and cooperative team!

What Suit Am I Wearing Today?

Are you an administrator struggling with staff engagement and professionalism? In this workshop, we will examine how staff actions are impacting the work environment. If your staff wants to be treated well and with respect, we ask them if they are sending out the same message they are expecting in return. In this reflection-based workshop, we will create a safe space and take a deep look at professional and personal behavior. We will dive into how we show up for our colleagues and team members each day, as well as how that behavior spills out into our personal lives. We work with teams to create positive accountability plans and staff driven solutions to improve the work environment. While the approach is gentle, the work we do in this session can be confronting. It’s time to get honest.


Fear of Public or Impromptu Speaking and the Elevator Pitch

“Count backward, imagine them naked, and stare above their heads” … The truth is, there is more to it than that! You never know when you will be expected to speak in a meeting. Or when a future employer is standing next to you in an elevator. Or when you’ll have to present in a meeting. In this fun and activity-based session we will help you build your confidence, self-management, and skills sets and be prepared to speak to anyone, anywhere, anytime!

Your Best Self: A Mindful Approach to Mastering an Interview

You don’t know what to wear, clammy hands, and wrong answers. Where do you begin? How about with you! You are valuable and worth the job! From handshakes to wardrobe to eye-contact, we will share and discuss how to build your toolbox and gather all the best interview tips so you can hit a home run at every job interview you go to!

A Bad Email Is Your Problem

Do you think email is the most important form of communication of the 21st century? Do you think that well-crafted emails are not a mark of your professional skills or part of your organization’s brand? Well, if it’s not on your list as the most utilized form of communication, you might be doing something wrong. If you want to be a top-level, competitive, and efficient employee/staff member in the 21st-century workspace, you better know the rules of email! The consequences can be crucial to your professional growth and your organization’s’ culture. Let’s discuss what can go wrong with email. Let’s count the ways…and fix them!

How to Show Off Your Superpower on a Piece of Paper

Do you dread writing a resume or cover letter? We understand! In this workshop we share creative tips and tools to land that VIP interview! We start with basic formats, and then help you discover and describe who you are so that your potential employer can’t wait to hire you! You have lots to offer the world, we’ll help you get it down on paper and create a dynamic resume and cover letter!

Winning Career Tips

Are you looking for ways to grow yourself or your staff? We will share professional moves that will jump start your career and help you stand out from the rest! In this workshop we will cover: the informational interview, how to get a ‘professional’ mentor, and how to run an effective meeting. It’s time to shine!

Customer Service 101

Eye contact, a warm smile, speaking clearly, basic pleasantries, follow-up and out of the box thinking. If these are foreign to you, this workshop is for you or your staff! We will help participants understand who and what a stakeholder is. We will also share ideas how to treat customers, internal colleagues as well as partners, board members etc. with respect and superior customer service. We go above and beyond to help participants understand the importance of branding, culture and, of course, how to smile.

Simple Ways to Set SMARTGOALS for Anyone

Underperforming, unsustainable, and underachieving…is this you? Is this your staff? You can’t expect to grow if you don’t know what your starting point is. Measuring success starts with trackable and tangible goals. In this workshop, participants will create structured goals that support the companies/organizations annual and overarching goals, learn how to measure success, and develop an action plan. We will help companies and/or organizations performance improve while helping staff with direction and are supported with SMART goals.

From Student to Scholar

In this workshop, we will explore the differences between being a student and how to become a scholar. We will take a deep dive into what scholar has meant traditionally and what a contemporary definition is to our young people today. The modern scholar can have a non-typical understanding and execution of what it means to be a specialized learner who is focused on curiosity and passion in a specific subject. These subjects have changed as have the current times. In this session, we unpack stereotypical views about what it means to be a ‘scholar’ in the 21st century.

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