• 25-hour inquiry-based curriculum focusing on social-emotional learning, youth development and mindfulness.
  • Grades Pre-K to 12
  • Five modules, 12 lessons, an hour each and 12 aligned mastery of learning/advocacy projects.
  • Each lesson has reflection questions and extended activities.
  • Flexible lesson plans: can be implemented one day a week lasting a full semester or can be implemented once a day lasting one month, or any other way that suits the class/program.
  • It is CASEL aligned.
  • Family and home activities.
  • Pre and post evaluations.
Link to specifics: kid-grit Curriculum
In most circumstances, we will NOT sell any of the curricula without training and support for your staff. Social emotional learning programs are work best when training and coaching are embedded into the implementation process.

Yes 100%. We recommend a powerful and manageable coaching package of three sessions to help your staff prepare, launch, and progress with as much support as possible.

We customize every package for our partners based upon the needs of each organization. We rarely sell the kid-grit Curriculum without training and encourage coaching along the way. We offer massive discounts for curriculum guides 2-100 and will combine initial training and ongoing support as a part of a uniquely designed experience for your team. Generally, the first guide costs $499.00 with additional guides dropping as low as $100 based on volume of purchase.


Our Professional Development Training offerings generally support your staff with regard to our kid-grit Foundational approach to social-emotional learning (Mind, Body, Connection/Community, and Digital Balance) AND the facilitation of the kid-grit Curriculum. We call this educator-grit. We also offer Workshops/Professional Development for your staff as stand-alone trainings without a kid-grit Curriculum purchase. We offer these professional development opportunities and workshops in-person, as well as virtually. kid-grit Professional Development

We believe that staff at all levels should attend. This means we understand the value of having every level of your organization involved in the commitment to social-emotional learning. SEL is just as important to staff, if not more, than it is to the youth we serve. Our trainings will impact front line staff, support staff, administrators, Directors, and Executives and will permeate through every level of your organization. With this approach and commitment, we have learned that we collectively have the power to eliminate the disconnect and lack of awareness that sometimes occurs between students and staff.

kid-grit The Book

Introducing kid-grit the BOOKTM. kid-grit the BOOK is a collection of 25 authentic, soul-searching stories from students across the nation. Inspiring stories from the voices of our youth ages 17- 27. These young authors describe challenges and victories and words of wisdom to our next generation of leaders. You will find topics dealing with everything from depression, bullying, substance abuse in the home, physical violence, digital addiction, anxiety disorder, isolation, abuse of social media, transgender challenges, poverty, and more listed below. All these issues could be recipes for failure- they can ruin the trajectory of a young person’s future if effective interventions are not available and on target. You will also see how each author handles her/his challenges and struggles. It is part of our mission to provide real-life testimonials from the very people who have overcome their challenges. kid-grit: THE BOOK can be used to engage middle and high school youth in important and timely conversations focused on their own social-emotional growth, feelings and how to navigate challenges successfully. Read reviews here.

We sell it directly from our online shop or via Amazon.

Yes, our collection of stories sells for $14.95 at retail. We offer an educator discount of $10.00. We also provide volume discounts depending on if the book is a part of your Curriculum purchase. We can customize a quote for your classroom or district. This Book is so important, we try our best to get it in the hands of the students and staff that will be most impacted.

kid-grit RESOURCES for Educators & Families

Yes, we offer a FREE Pandemic Activity Guide for educators and families. These are available for download by joining our email list. Here is what is inside… The brand new and free kid-grit educator guide: KNOWLEDGE IS POWER is here! This guide offers social-emotional learning directly corresponding to the COVID-19 crisis. Keeping with our foundational approach to holistic SEL, we created a 5-10 hour activity guide in mindfulness, body awareness, community and connection, and digital and social media awareness. We are joining in and supporting educators and families whether still in schools or programs or when they return to teaching. This guide is relevant, will help students with questions about the pandemic crisis, and it’s highly interactive! We also offer activities for family engagement in the guide. You can use the guide virtually and host discussions. These are great resources to learn about what young people are feeling and how the recent events have impacted them.

We also offer FREE Monthly SEL Sessions (virtual)! Join our mailing list to receive updates and information on how to join us!  

Yes, in the same spirit as our kid-grit Activity Guide for educators, we created a low-cost kid-grit Activity Guide for Families to help navigate the pandemic at home. Keeping with our commitment to holistic wellness and in response to school and after-school program closures, we are supporting families! The kid-grit  family has created a timely, activity-based guide, which is filled with fun, educational, positive activities, and discussions for parents/guardians to use with your children. We offer two versions, K-5, grades 6-12.

kid-grit Family Resources


  • You will need access to a device with a camera, laptop or computer preferable NOT over a Smartphone.
  • You should be in a quiet place to be able to learn, participate in conversation and share your ideas freely.
  • Come prepared with an open mind and a pen and paper for notetaking, our sessions are interactive.
  • If you need to, please log on 10 minutes early as to walk through any technical questions and learn how to use the Zoom platform.
  • Virtual Trainings Cancellation Policy: Refunds issued for cancellations if made 12 hours before any session.
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