What Is Educator-Grit and ADULT SEL & Staff Wellness?

kid-grit provides comprehensive action plans for any level of staff to practice a holistic and resilient approach to living. Possible sessions are listed here

We will provide:

  • A customized one day to five day (in-person or virtual), which schools and afterschool programs will design with a kid-grit founder.
  • Team goals developed in collaboration with kid-grit founder with schools and afterschool programs.
  • Follow-up support and activities.

As adult professionals, participants will experience the same hands-on concepts, approaches, and activities as any kid-grit student. Following the retreat, action plans will be devised by staff for staff — which includes team-building and goal-setting. These activities will build a resilient educator community. Upon completion, staff will leave the retreat focused, interconnected, refreshed, and ready to inspire their students. 

Participants will develop a deeper understanding of the choices that work best for their own day-to-day lives — professional, personal, and physical — all resulting in a better quality of life for themselves, and ultimately their students.

Why Address educator-grit & ADULT SEL & Staff Wellness?

Educators perennially need to manage high levels of stress. Especially over the past two year,  now more than ever.  Some examples of untreated stress are: diabetes, obesity, and addictive behaviors. These kinds of problems are on the rise. By 2020 it is estimated that half of all Americans will suffer from a preventable chronic disease. The United States spends over $2.5 trillion every year on healthcare, a large portion of which comes from employers’ pockets for health insurance, medical leave, and sick days. When staff members feel stressed out or unsupported, they are more likely to become disengaged from their students, less responsible, and ultimately tempted to quit their jobs. Chronic anxiety, poor dietary habits, and lack of exercise all significantly detract from employee performance. However, many of these costly chronic problems can be avoided with simple, preventative care for educators.

The kid-grit holistic action plan is a cost-effective solution to improve employee mindset, health, and morale while decreasing ‘burnout.’ Staff wellness programs will teach educators how to improve their physical and mental well-being, make better lifestyle choices, and nourish their own teaching practices. In return, your school or program will see an increase in staff engagement and productivity — and a decrease in employee stress, apathy, and absenteeism.

How Does educator-grit and ADULT SEL & Staff-Wellness Work?

Through an initial one to five-day staff training (in-person or virtual), we empower and inform nationwide educators with the kid-grit approach to Mind, Body, Community, Digital and Social Media Awareness, and will introduce concepts focused on Servant Leadership.

Following the training, we work with participants to design a practical, achievable plan for success.

What Is Unique About the kid-grit Program?

kid-grit has developed a holistic approach to education that enriches the most important asset schools have: their staff. We do this so that teachers become warriors for their students, using hands-on lessons and activities to promote overall physical health, emotional wellness, and social awareness. Staff will become more informed, designing their own action plans and evincing new behaviors from their students. 

The Goal

When kid-grit educator-wellness is infused with sustainable practices and diligence, we promise that there will be positive cultural shifts in schools and any other educational organizations. There will be a more active focus on self-awareness and self-regulation. And servant leadership will grow to become a theme within your organization. These approaches and practices will result in more effective engagement between students and staff. The more staff is involved in kid-grit practices, the greater the prospect of seeing a positive transformation in students, schools, and educational programs.

The Progressive, Reflective and Artful Retreat

Looking pro a made-to-order and beautifully designed retreat for your staff?

In response to the events of the most recent years, these dramatic times and number of on-going stressors in today’s new world, the workforce is shifting its requests, and wellness is becoming a number one priority for leaders across the nation. Employees and staff are requesting more support, time off and want to work for companies that are providing more options for mental health care.

Whether your staff are school/district employees, corporate employees or working in the non-profit sector, kid-grit can serve your organization with a delightful one or two-day experiential wellness, mental health and social emotional learning retreat. Participants will walk away with actionable wellness practices to use in their every day, a more positive outlook and build deeper relationships with their colleagues.

Our evidence-based facilitation and expert Ambassador staff are ready and well equipped to share their knowledge and gentle facilitation styles with your organization.

Below are topics for you to choose from and create your own retreat for your staff:

  • Creative and Reflective Writing
  • Deep Breathing Floor Work and Stretching
  • Playful Movement
  • Sound Baths
  • Music and Art Exploration and Integration
  • Lovely Laughter Activities
  • Yoga
  • Action Planning – Easy Ways to Implement and Sustain these Practices
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