Resilience - Just When You Thought You Could Breathe Again

Just When You Thought You Could Breathe Again!

It’s only the first week of January, and wow! Are you thinking… ‘I wish that it were all over, we have a vaccine, we had a break, weeks went by, but now we are back to where we were only a few weeks ago.’ Anyone else feeling like that? If perspective and resilience ever had a place in our mind, body and spirit, the time is NOW.

Imagine you are in 2022, a year from now, life has resumed as back to normal as it will ever be. You are sitting on top of a mountain, reflecting on how you spent your time during the pandemic crisis of 2020 and 2021. You see land below, green landscape, and rich with life. You see a warm blue sky above you, clouds floating by. Questions are building up inside your mind, you think…

‘How did I do? What did I do well? Was I a leader for my family? Was a someone to follow as an example of hope and strength at my place of work? How did I manage my relationships with friends and family? How did I manage my own thoughts? Did I take care of myself? Even, when I was scared, angry and grief stricken, what was my selfcare rating?’

The questions keep coming to you. They come to you because you care, because you are a human with intentions of love and goodness. They come to you because you are searching for something more, something deeper, a cause, an effect, a reason why.  They come to you because it matters how we are doing.  It matters because we all belong to a community, a family, a work family, an apartment complex, a club, a group of friends, and so on. It matters how you do during a crisis. So, you find yourself staring out, over the horizon, and asking yourself

‘What could I have done better?’

Guess what? The truth is… the time is now, and we are still here, in it, and we are still smack damn in the middle of a pandemic crisis. Which means that you have time to continue being great or continue shifting your perspective. We need to dig deep, find our hope, resilience, and persistence. It’s entirely possible that this moment was built for you to examine every single thing that matters to you in order to build that inner person that is searching for inner peace. When they say perspective is everything, this is the moment they are talking about (whoever they are).

Resilience - Just When You Thought You Could Breathe Again

Our message to you is to ask your questions now, not later. Our request is that you continue to take care of yourself, so you can take care of them, whoever they are. Our message is to examine resilience in ways you never thought of. Our message to you is to love, love hard, take care of each other, and believe that if your mindset is contagious, others will follow.  And then, when it’s 2022, you will be on top of that mountain, but no longer asking questions, because you knew you did the best you could. Exhale…

*This blog was inspired by an article from Harvard Business Review on resilience for leaders.

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