Holistic Executive Transformational Coaching:

(4,8,12-session packages)

Achieve mental, emotional, and physical balance in your approach to your professional life.

  • Are you a stressed-out professional suffocating in work and responsibility?
  • Have you lost your ability to eat right?
  • Has restorative sleep become a thing of the past?
  • Does your diet consist of only take-out and items off the dollar menu?
  • Do you suffer from work anxiety?

The kid-grit Holistic Executive/Professional Transformational Coaching Program takes clients on a daily journey (1-3 months) focused on achieving goals through improved mindset, proper nutrition and movement, and connection, while discovering new ways to conceive balance, happiness, and life-satisfaction.

By applying the Mind-Body-Connection approach to Holistic Executive/Professional Transformation & Wellness, you will begin to feed your Mind with positive and intentional thinking, fuel your Body with nutritious foods, and strengthen your Spirit with purpose.

If you have a desire improve your wellness and professional performance through a balance of the mind, body and connection approach to coaching but time, logistics, and resources may be an issue for you, then we have developed a 4, 8, or 12-week online Holistic Executive/Professional Transformation Training, Mentoring, & Coaching Program.  The sole purpose of this coaching experience is to give you all the keys to unlock the secrets to building a positive mindset, the nutritional knowledge to know exactly what your body needs and wants to function at its highest level, and how to develop a spiritual purpose and connection to something greater than yourself. At the end of the coaching program you will know how to put that into play within the framework of your life.

The First Set of Sessions: During the first part of your coaching program, you will discover nothing genuinely changes until you surrender the mindset that doesn’t and hasn’t served you in the past. In the first module, focused on the Mind, you will shift your mindset, set clear Intentions, and develop your Vision for the healthiest version of yourself. We will examine fixed and growth mindsets and build into a benefit mindset which will serve you, your employees (if applicable), and your entire organization to operate at its highest efficiency.

The Second Set of Sessions: After strengthening and aligning your Mind and getting clear on your Intentions and Vision, the second module will focus on the Body. You will learn the 3 most important aspects of Nutrition, and discover how Exercise and Movement can work in your professional life in a practical way.

The Third Set of Sessions: The third module of the course will introduce Connection/Spirit as an energy force, and teach you daily rituals that will support a spiritual practice and connection to a greater purpose. Over the last couple of weeks of your program, we will also connect the 3 pillars of Wellness (Mind-Body-Spirit) so your Transformational approach to your Professional life will be well-balanced and integrated across these 3 very important aspects of life.


  • Improved Mindset and outlook on your business/work & personal life.
  • Clearer Intentions and Vision for a healthier, more balanced you.
  • Become a mindful eater and give your body the nourishment it needs and truly wants and therefore achieve your optimal weight and health.
  • Reduced food cravings, sugar, and caffeine addictions.
  • Improved sleep quality. Finally get the rest you need to revitalize and restore and perform professionally.
  • Less stress and anxiety, and improved overall work/life balance.
  • Maximize and learn how your energy “shows up” in your life.
  • Improved relationships and communication with your co-workers, family , and friends.
  • Become grounded and connected to higher purpose.

Our goal and mission is to maximize/increase professional performance, satisfaction, and overall wellness/balance by providing a creatively comprehensively designed strategy for Executive/Professional Transformational Coaching. Our Program strategies compliment and build your personal brand, energy, and overall productivity. Through our topical knowledge and authentic care about health and wellness, we will provide resources to help add value to your professional and personal life, and in return grow your productivity and overall health/wellness balance.

We all know a happy and healthy professional is a productive executive, professional, or employee, which in turn makes for better teamwork, a more connected work environment, better productivity, and an unlimited source of potential.

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