kid-grit Virtual Workshop Series

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All participants should note the following preparations below:

  • Participants will need access to a device with a camera, laptop or computer preferred over a Smartphone.
  • Participants should be in a quiet place to be able to learn, be willing to participate in conversations and share their ideas freely.
  • Participants should come prepared with an open mind and a pen and paper for notetaking.

Mindfulness and Social-Emotional Learning with Grace

In this 90-minute session take a deep and concentrated dive into how mindfulness and social-emotional learning are naturally connected. We will explore how self-regulation and self-care is as important for educators as it is for our youth. Each participant will examine their own self-care as it relates to serving youth and themselves! 


  • Participants learn the importance of self-care in order to be present and be a strong leader for youth.
  • Participants visit mindfulness, body awareness, connection and empathy, and digital awareness in connection to social emotional learning.
  • Participants learn how to use the activities presented in this workshop with their students.

Holistic Wellness and Social Emotional Learning with Jeffrey L. Jordan

Participants will examine their own self-awareness and life balance in order to assess how they are managing life during the separation from the workplace. We will introduce mindfulness and emotional intelligence strategies that help staff stay healthy and productive. Participants will be prompted to develop healthy activities and accountability forums addressing — Mindfulness, Body Awareness, Community and Connection and Digital and Social Media Consciousness in order to build new habits that promote learning, connection, a sense of community.


  • Improved Mindset and outlook on your business/work & personal life.
  • Clearer Intentions and vision for a healthier, more balanced you.
  • Become a mindful eater and give your body the nourishment it needs and truly wants and therefore achieve your optimal weight and health.
  • Reduced food cravings, sugar, and caffeine addictions.
  • Improved sleep quality. Finally get the rest you need to revitalize and restore and perform professionally.
  • Less stress and anxiety, and improved overall work/life balance.
  • Improved relationships and communication with your co-workers, family and friends.

leader-grit, Emotional IQ and Social Emotional Learning with Damian

Are your team members feeling the love? Do you feel your team is disconnected at times? Wish you knew how to share the love with them? Often leaders don’t pay enough attention to how their staff are feeling or should be feeling. They underestimate how central emotions are needed to build the right workplace culture. In this session, we will show a clear connection between emotional intelligence and social-emotional learning. Participants will walk away with five loving strategies that will shift the climate of your school/workplace or program. These strategies will help you and your teams “feel the love” and build the emotional intelligence of staff in order to create a more productive, positive and work environment.


  • Participants will learn about the various ways the emotions of others impact their efforts to build the right workplace culture.
  • Participants will explore the relationship between Emotional Intelligence in adults and SEL for students.
  • Participants will practice five strategies to help shift the working culture of their programs.

Digital and Social Media Consciousness and Social Emotional Learning

Do they know what they are saying to the world about themselves on Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok and Twitter? How will their future employer see them? In this session, we will explore how to self-manage and self-regulate our own behavior and relationship with digital devices. We will expose the impact of poor social media activity AND we will share tips and tricks on how to create mindful, positive, passionate and professional social media profiles for your students and for you! Join us for this interactive workshop. Bring your phones!


  • Participants will examine their own social media accounts and behavior online in order to understand how to become positive examples for kids.
  • Participants will learn how to open the conversation with youth about digital and social media balance.
  • Participants leave with new ideas and activities to use in the classroom or in programs

Knowledge is Power: Real-Time Solutions for Pandemic Panic with Soothing SEL with Jeffrey & Grace

Keeping with kid-grit’s foundational approach to holistic SEL (mindfulness, body awareness, community and connection, and digital and social media awareness), we will train participants on how to use the kid-grit: COVID-19 Guide with their students on-line for distance learning as well as how to use it in the classroom/program. Included in this training are family engagement opportunities as well. 


  • Participants learn by doing and walk through the 5-10 hour activity guide in order to best learn how to facilitate the activities for youth.
  • Participants learn easy approaches to start a conversation with youth about COVID-19.

Becoming a Dynamic Virtual Presenter I with Jennifer & Grace

Presenting over Zoom or Google Hangouts got you in a tizzy? Welcome to the new world! We can help you! In this two-hour workshop, we support participants in the following ways: learn safety features, room set up and background preparation, learn how to use easy and free apps for student engagement, physical presence, energy and appearance, how to do activities in whole groups and in breakout groups, how to use the chat box, and preparing for a strong reflection question.

Dynamic Facilitator Tips ll 

Looking ahead to 2021, we know we will still be in remote learning environments, fear not! We have a solution! Now that your staff has completed the kid-grit Becoming a Dynamic Virtual Presenter Part l, you are ready for the second-deep dive into Part ll! In this session we offer a hands-on approach to using education apps in combination with community building activities. Participants will not only find ease and flow with technology, but they will learn to engage students with social and emotional, collaborative and creative ice breakers and games.  

  • Participants learn how to overcome fear of becoming a distant learning facilitator.
  • Participants gain tips on how to use Zoom as a facilitation tool.
  • Participants practice how to be energized and engaging facilitators from the other side of the camera lens.
  • Participants build their menu of interactive community builder games for students.

Raise Them Up! Resilience through Mind, Body, Community & Digital Balance with Emily

Does your staff need social-emotional and mindfulness techniques? In this workshop, we will engage staff in addressing self-regulation in areas of mindfulness, healthy behaviors, tolerance and empathy, and digital/social consciousness. This workshop provides a BRAND-NEW approach to helping staff develop motivation, positive behavior and resilience. We will provide team building and hands-on activities to implement in your organization as soon as tomorrow!


  • Participants will gain a deeper understanding of how mindfulness and social emotional learning is a relevant and powerful tool to implement with staff, urban, rural and suburban youth.
  •  Participants will leave with practical activities in the areas of mind, body, community, digital and social awareness and service learning to apply with staff and in their programs as soon as the very next day.
  • Participants will learn how to use the CASEL wheel and understand social emotional learning and how to embed these strategies into their programs.

Supporting Staff That Support Kids Coming Back with Trauma with Julia

What a year! If we weren’t doing it before, we better be doing it now!  Not only are we supporting our students who have been enduring trauma from COVID-19 and violent protests, but we must support staff who are supporting our students or maybe even experiencing trauma themselves. In this session, we will show staff how to manage their emotional state and build strategies of resilience so they can show up for students with strength, calm and hope. Join us!


  • Staff learn self-awareness techniques to identify trauma in within themselves.
  • Staff learn when to ask for help.
  • Staff are introduced to self-care and wellness strategies.

Mindful Art and SEL: Creative, Hands-On Activities for Virtual and In-Classroom Learning! with Stephanie

This session offers several interactive and thoughtful activities that inspire creativity as well as build social and emotional learning (SEL) skills. Participants will learn skills in observation, analyzing, and understanding topics through the lens of visual arts, music, and how these skills connect to SEL competencies. Bring your open minds, markers and paper!  


  • Participants will use visual and musical art as a tool for self-expression. 
  • Participants will recognize their own feelings and thoughts, and how to transfer the activities for students.
  • Participants will leave this session with new ideas focused on creativity and social and emotional learning activities.
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