Realizing the Dreams of Our Small But Mighty Start-Up

This written piece is about expansion. During the week of April 25th, our small but mighty start-up was doing a lot of GREAT things. We were able to be in several different locations and do several events/training for different audiences – in just one day and throughout the week.

If you have been following our journey, you know that it started with just two of us in 2016. And we had big dreams. The following blog is a recap of realizing dreams.

Jeffrey Jordan Julia Gabor kid-grit
Jeffrey and Julia, kid-grit Mindful Founders

On April 27th, in a continuous partnership with Painted Hills Middle School in Palms Springs, California, kid-grit Founder Julia Gabor facilitated a teacher professional development for staff focused on coping and motivational strategies to support their work and energy for the remaining six weeks left in this school year. Julia led an adult social and emotional learning (SEL) and wellness session, focusing on building habits and breaking bad ones, and then finishing off with a gratitude declaration. This session was well received and much needed! The change of energy was notable from start to finish.

Painted Hill Middle School
Painted Hill Middle School Professional Development Teachers

At the very same time of day, kid-grit‘s Dynamic Director of Outreach and Partnerships, Michelle Piña, was presenting at the School Climate Conference in Temecula, California. Michelle presented our most popular session, the Holistic Wellness Wheel and Social-Emotional Learning workshop. This is a session based on a life satisfaction survey where we provide self-care tools and new approaches for participants to use for themselves, for students, and also with families. It was standing room only. They even sat on the floor to get the goods from kid-grit!

School Climate Conference
School Climate Conference - Full House!

At 2:30 PM in Las Vegas, Nevada, kid-grit Ambassador, Bryan Stephens presented an enriching youth assembly over Zoom for students in the After School All-Stars program. Giggles, dance, moves and self-expression all the way! Yes, it can be done virtually with a live instructor!

Las Vegas After School All-Stars

And then, to top it off! The very same night, at 6:00 pm, we presented a kid-grit SEL Family Session that was conducted in Spanish by kid-grit Ambassador, Stephanie Garses. In these sessions, we provide tips for parents/families to take care of themselves in a time of chaos and unpredictability. Parents are able to discuss, share and collaborate on ideas for helping each other throughout the session with the kid-grit strategies provided.

Stephanie Garses
Stephanie Garses, kid-grit Ambassador

Lastly, on April 29th and 30th, across the country in Princeton, New Jersey, kid-grit Co-Founder Jeffrey Jordan spent two days at the Statewide Network for New Jersey’s Afterschool Communities Conference, spreading more kid-grit content with out-of-schooltime leaders across the state.

Jeffrey Jordan NJ Statewide Network

Okay, well maybe that was over three days, but isn’t it worth sharing? We dreamt about inspiring educators, who then inspire kids! We think we are on our way.

What do you think?



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