Find A Way to Love Yourself

Practice… Self-awarenessto find…  Self-Compassionin order to experienceSelf-love

You must find a way to love yourself: all of yourself including your mistakes, regrets, poor decisions and/or judgement, weaknesses, and all. You are valuable and important, and to be happy you must discover a path that leads you to love yourself. Try being grateful for EVERYTHING. Every bit of your history will prove to be a benefit upon ACCEPTANCE of every piece of experience in your life.

What is your Superpower? When you commit to self-love, here are 10 to arm yourself with:

Self-love empowers you with the mental toughness to accomplish your dreams and conquer any obstacles.

As you begin to love yourself, your life can fall into place and you gain clarity on a deeper level as you design your life around events that make you healthy and happy.

The 10 superpowers below are building-blocks and can fortify your vibrational energy:

1. Using mindful practices such as meditation, you accept yourself and you value your existence. Exercises and activities where you care for your body and mind help you to love yourself. They also provide additional mental and physical health benefits such as reduced stress and increased stamina.

Mindfulness means that you are conscious of the present moment, and you love yourself, regardless of the chaos that might surround you. #body-spirit-connection

2. With mindfulness, you begin to care about and satisfy your physical, psychological, and spiritual needs. You will take better care of yourself, finding health and peace. This increases your capacity to succeed in your environment at home and work. Your needs are met, so you are able to work efficiently. #mind-body-spirit

3. As you give of yourself to others, you develop respect for yourself as a valuable individual within a community. You see the interconnected relationships that you have with other people. Both independent and cultural respect are important to progress. You see yourself as a great person who has a lot to offer a community that you value. #connection/community

4. These changes push you toward the growth and maturity that are necessary to be a healthy, functioning adult. Think about all you have gained: all the superpowers that make you stronger, powerful. You find yourself taking on new and challenging tasks and pushing yourself to develop the talents you possess. #lifelonglearner

5. With maturity comes competence, which means that you increase your capacity to accomplish difficult tasks. Your respect, maturity, and love increase your potential to perform beyond what you thought possible. You are able to do more, and perform better than in the past. The tasks are not easier, but your ability to perform competently is empowered. #confident-competent

6. As you prove to yourself that you can act competently in the world, you acquire self-confidence, a knowledge that you can handle whatever obstacles you might confront. Confidence enables you to encounter greater independence and the power to act. #initiative

7. Competence and self-confidence make security for you and your loved ones possible, a necessity for a happy adult life. You feel secure as a human being, and you know that you can provide for your family. #stable-strong

8. You have moved to an advanced level of human development where you can feel empathy for other human beings in your community and the world. This is a tremendous power to sense and feel the emotions of others. You further connect with the people around you because you understand them better. #acceptance-tolerance

9. When you feel the emotions that others experience, their pain and pleasure, you learn how to love someone else. Empathy draws you close to people, making it possibly to truly know them. You love other people because you care about their emotional wellbeing and happiness. You are now looking outside yourself to other people, an essential step. #empathy

10. Directing your love from your center outward to the world, you find the secret that all humans search for. Loving and serving other people gives you fulfillment and makes happiness possible. You act out of love for yourself and others, and at this point you can accomplish anything you desire. #itsallaboutLOVE