Hey Teachers - This is For You! (Part 5)

In March of 2022, we began sharing stories from real people who love teachers! We believe that teachers need to be appreciated, even before the pandemic times. It is clearly obvious that we need to continue to raise up our educators and schools. We need to fill them up with support, tools and new ideas in order to provide them stamina and resilience as they tackle the challenges they face. These short stories from our friends, colleagues and even family members come from the heart, and we hope can provide inspiration.

We want to include anyone and anyone who wants to share how a teacher impacted their lives. On this post, you are hearing from our wise and mature elders.

Robert Pina

Robert L. Piña, Senior Civil Design Tech and Grandpa

1st Grade – Mrs. Young

3rd Grade – Mrs. Brentwood

9th Grade English – Mrs. Doughdrill

12th Grade English – Mrs. Young

They taught me the following…

  • If you read and practice, you can figure out how to get to a place.
  • Be persistent and you will be sure to get your plan accomplished.
  • Do what is right, and you will never have regrets.
  • Do it again and again until you get it right.
Nancy Gabor
Nancy Gabor, International Theater Director and Master Acting Teacher

When I was about 13 or so, I was a student in an acting class for children at the Erie Playhouse in Erie, Pennsylvania. There was a company that was composed of professional and local actors. Mr. Tarrant was the director of the theater, and I was cast in ‘The Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker.’ 

On the first day of rehearsals, I was about five minutes late. Mr. Tarrant said: ‘If you are late again, you will be replaced. When a rehearsal is called for 3:30 PM, be on time!’

I have never forgotten that moment. I am always five minutes early.”

Teacher Appreciation

Lorraine Max, Professional Singer

Every Friday, I looked forward to dance class with Winifred Selden. I was a clumsy six-year-old, but Winifred made me feel beautiful and important. My favorite part of the class was when we sat in a circle and listened to music, everything from past and current pops of the day to Prokofiev. When we felt inspired, we would raise our hands. She would acknowledge us, and we would get up and dance.

We had yearly recitals in the local Town Hall with original, hand-sewn costumes! I played many roles; The Duck in Peter & The Wolf and a Dancing Girl of Samara. This was a challenge, but Winifred believed that I could do it. She put bells on my feet and gave me a tambourine. I tried hard to look sexy!



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