kid-grit and NAA Partner to Launch National Professional Development Initiative

Earlier in the spring of 2021, The National Afterschool Association launched new Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) so afterschool professionals and leaders could meet the moment by finding new ways to connect, learn and grow. kid-grit was one of several organizations to provide holistic workshops to support educators across the country.

Julia Gabor, Mindful Co-founder of kid-grit, when asked to participate in the NAA PLC initiative “kid-grit was organically positioned to provide this type of support because our company is committed to a holistic approach to supporting educators, as well as youth, with Adult SEL & Wellness content. It was a natural fit.”

Especially during a time when gathering in person wasn’t possible, the PLCs—which began in Mid-March and lasted for 6-8 weeks—inspired meaningful connections where participants joined expert facilitators for collaborative guided learning experiences focused on the most important topics in afterschool.


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