Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and Wellness Package for Educators, Administrators and Adult Staff

Resilience, mindset, self-care — they start with you! We are here to support not only students but adult staff with their own wellness and self-care. This IS SEL for staff in the most trying of times. With all that’s happening with the current state of events, we are providing support and care for YOU! There are several unknown variables that are upon us, the kid-grit Educator Wellness Trainings are built to help educators understand what they can control vs. what they can not. We have been curating these sessions behind the scenes, across the nation, and now releasing to the public.


Check out what our partners from Sacramento County Office of Education, South Dakota Afterschool Network and Palm Springs Unified School District have to say! 

"The COVID19 crisis created a worldwide experiment in distance learning for schools around the world. Thousands of students, families and educators have been asked to engage in learning unfamiliar to most during a pandemic that has created high anxiety and fear in many of us. The Virtual Educator Wellness provided over four weeks by kid-grit to our educators, created a safe space and holistic approach to self-care during the COVID19 Crisis that we would not have been able to offer any other way. The courage we were able to build in our teachers via virtual professional development, not only built mindful methods to support staff for a lifetime but gave our teachers the experience to recreate the learning with their own students via distance learning. The strength and engagement we were able to build over the four weeks will live with our teachers forever and in turn allow them to bring their best forward when working with our English learner students."

“Region 3 Expanded Learning Team would like to thank you, Julia and Jeffrey (kid-grit), for not only helping us to continue to grow our social generative container in Region 3, but also to help us in a more intentional way take care of our mental and physical well-being. During this time of uncertainty, your workshops provided a safe, restorative, and interactive space for our diverse community to share and grow. Because of you, we will be better-prepared post-COVID -19 and look forward to future partnerships.”

“I’m Karla Johnson, the Executive Director of the South Dakota Afterschool Network. I want to tell you about Julia Gabor and Jeffrey Jordan, founders of kid grit. What a powerful message they bring. They facilitated an on-line Fireside Chat for South Dakota’s Afterschool providers during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Within just a few minutes they were able to draw out some deep issues our providers were dealing with within the areas of emotional wellness and resiliency. If you’re looking for professional development in social and emotional health, look no further than kid-grit. Their holistic approach in developing resiliency is easy to understand and implement in your program. I highly recommend them.”

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The purpose of this virtual workshop series is to focus on a holistic approach to self-care and building resilience during the COVID-19 Crisis and other current events. This workshop series provides activities for staff that are centered on wellness-education and mindful methods to support staff/employees while they are physically separated from the workplace or back on site. The team building activities presented in these workshops require staff to connect with each other outside of the sessions. They will maintain engagement, and virtually communicate with one another, and build skills throughout the weeks/months while they are away from job sites and as they prepare for the new phase of school and after school in the fall of 2020. 


  • Participants learn self-awareness techniques to identify trauma in within themselves.
  • Participants learn when to ask for help.
  • Participants are introduced to self-care and wellness strategies.
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